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FS3.3 - FS3 Core

Every game will configure FS3 differently, so you should consult your specific game policies for details.

FS3 Core is the game configuration that comes with the default FS3 installation. It is intended for near-future sci-fi combat games, such as Battlestar Galactica. It is provided here as an example of how FS3 can be set up.

If you are a game designer looking to adapt FS3 Core to your own setting, see Tweaking FS3.

AP Limits

Maximum: 45 AP


Attribute Description
Reflexes Reflexes, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination.
Brawn Physical strength and toughness.
Wits Practical intelligence, inventiveness and creativity.
Grit Willpower and determination.
Perception Senses and general awareness.
Presence Charisma and beauty.

You may spend at most 14 APs on Attributes. You may not have more than 2 Attributes rated 4.

Action Skills

Action Skill Linked Attribute Description
Alertness Perception Noticing things and being aware of your surroundings
Athletics Brawn General running, jumping, climbing, etc.
Composure Grit Coolness under pressure.
Demolitions Wits Blowing stuff up.
Firearms Reflexes Shooting guns.
Gunnery Reflexes Vehicle and heavy weapons.
Medicine Wits Tending to the ill and injured. Requires Specialty: Doctor, Surgeon, Nurse, Medic, Other
Melee Brawn Fighting with fists, knives, and hand-to-hand weapons.
Piloting Reflexes Flying aircraft.
Stealth Reflexes Being sneaky.
Technician Wits General mechanics/electronics and fixing things.

You may have at most 3 Action Skills rated 5+, 2 rated 6+ and 1 rated 7+. These limits apply to the total number of skills, so if you have a 6 and a 7, that counts as both 1 at 7+ and 2 at 6+.

Background Skills

Background Skills are free-form, so there is no specific list. You can pick anything from Singing to Underwater Basketweaving. Here are some sample Background Skills appropriate for FS3 Core.

  • A science - astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, physics, etc.
  • A humanity - history, literature, psychology, philosophy, poetry, etc.
  • A profession or trade - cook, waitress, bartender, accountant, programmer, carpenter, brewer, blacksmith, etc.
  • A game - chess, roleplaying, poker, etc.
  • An art - sculpting, painting, sketching, photography, etc.
  • A form of expression - acting, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, writing, etc.
  • A sport - baseball, football, gymnastics, etc.
  • A craft or hobby - gardening, basketweaving, knitting, etc.
  • An unusual interest - detective novels, game show hosts, etc.

Tip: You are assumed to have basic common knowledge (equivalent to the Everyman rating) in any Background Skill not listed on your character sheet. So even if you don’t take the “football” skill, you’ve still probably played it a few times in gym class in school, watched it on TV, etc.

You must take at least 1 Background Skill. You can have up to 6 rating points of Background Skills for free.

Language Skills

The specific list of Languages will vary from game to game.


Every week you get 1 XP.

You may only save up to 2 XP. Remember you spend XP as you get it, resulting in a slow progression toward the next rating. You don’t save up a bunch to spend all at once.

Attribute Costs

Current Rating XP Cost
Poor 1 XP
Average 4 XP
Good 8 XP

Action Skill Costs

Current Rating XP Cost
Everyman 1 XP
Fair 2 XP
Competent 3 XP
Good 4 XP
Great 8 XP
Extraordinary 8 XP
Amazing 8 XP

Background/Language Skill Costs

Current Rating XP Cost
None (Everyman) 1
Fair / Beginner 4 XP
Good / Conversational 8 XP


Everyone starts with 1 Luck Point. You gain more from other players through the cookie RP reward system. Every cookie translates into a fraction of a luck point.


Initiative: Alertness

Knockout and Stress: Composure

Recovery: Athletics