Web Portal Tips

Just as players customize their MUSH clients, you may wish to customize your web portal experience. Here are a few tips folks have suggested. If you have other suggestions, please provide feedback.

Alt Tips

Ares manages your login information in the browser’s “session” data. That means all your browser tabs are tied to a single character.

Some screens, like forum posts, let you select which character to post/reply from. You can also use the alt switcher to switch between characters registered to your Ares player handle.

When you need to interact with multiple alts at the same time, there are a variety of solutions.

  • Open a private/incognito browser window. This does not share the same session, so you can log in with a different character.
  • Use two browsers, one for each character.
  • Use a browser extension like SessionBox to let you open a tab with a different session.

Custom Styling

If the style of a given web portal bugs you (say, its text is too small or its colors garish), you can use a browser extension like Stylebot to override the styles.

Highlight Triggers

You can highlight your name in poses using a browser extension like Highlight This. There are others that may be able to do more advanced parsing like highlighting words in quotations (similar to the in-game quotecolor feature).