Restoring the Database

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Setting up automatic backups of your game is important. In the unlikely event that disaster strikes, you’ll have a backup copy of your game’s database and files. This article describes how to restore the game from a backup.

Restoring from a DigitalOcean Weekly Backup

If you elected to use DigitalOcean’s backup feature, see DO’s backups tutorial for help restoring.

Restoring Game Files

You can restore game configuration files, uploads, and everything else in the aresmush/game folder just by using a FTP client to upload files from your backup copy. After the upload, run load config in-game to reload the configuration settings.

Restoring the Database

To restore the database:

  1. Stop the database service. In the server shell, type sudo service redis-server stop.
  2. Copy the dump.rdb file from your back copy into the database data path. Typically this is /var/lib/redis/dump.rdb. If you get a permission error, run sudo chmod g+rwx /var/lib/redis/dump.rdb from the server shell. Sometimes redis resets the file permissions.
  3. Restart the database service by typing sudo service redis-server start in the server shell.

If you used a non-standard installation, your database commands and file path may be different than what’s shown above.

Restoring Code

If you use GitHub to store your code, you can use the git commands to clone a stable version of the code from your repository.

If you don’t use GitHub, you’ll need to manually restore the aresmush and ares-webportal folders, typically using FTP.