Rebooting the Server

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Sometimes your server will tell you it needs to be restarted. Usually this happens after it has auto-installed security updates. You might see this notice when you log into the server shell, or when you view the Ares jobs list.

In the server shell:

*** System restart required ***

In the game:

Your operating system is indicating that your server needs to be rebooted - probably to finish installing automatic updates. Please restart the server (not just the game) as soon as you can. You may encounter performance or memory issues until this is done.

How to Reboot

  1. Shut down the game, either using the shutdown command or the Admin->Manage->Shutdown button on the Web Portal.
  2. Log into the Server Shell.
  3. Type sudo reboot. (On older linux systems you may need to do sudo shutdown -r now.)
  4. Your server shell will be disconnected. This is normal, since the server is rebooting. Keep trying to reconnect every few minutes, and you will eventually be able to.
  5. Your game should restart automatically after the server reboots.

If your game doesn’t restart automatically after the restart, there’s probably some other error. See troubleshooting or ask for help.