Transferring a Game

  • [management]

Before transferring a game to new ownership, you should consider that players have entrusted the current admins, not necessarily the new ones, with all data they have stored on the game. Private and/or sensitive data can include:

  • Email Address (if set)
  • Handle Preferences
  • Mail
  • Pages/PMs
  • Unshared Scenes
  • IP/Hostname

The following code can be run using tinker to wipe the bulk of sensitive data from the game prior to a transfer.

Character.all.each do |char|
end { |s| s.completed && !s.shared }.each do |scene|

The above code does not wipe IP address, because it has value to admin both for security and character recovery (forgotten passwords). Should you wish to clear that too, just change the wipe_login_data call from false to true. Players who don’t wish their IPs to be transferred can always log in from public wifi or a VPN to obfuscate their IP prior to the transfer.