A New Breed of MUSH Server

Config Reader

The Config Reader is part of the Ares Engine code. It loads all the configuration files and lets you query for specific configuration settings.

Reading Configuration Values

The Global.read_config method lets you read configuration values.

You can query for a section:


Or a specific value:

Global.read_config("tinker", "example")

Reading Hashes

Some configuration options are hashes, meaning they are key-value pairs. For example:

    color: "%xb"
    text: Blue

Tip: Color’s value needs to be in quotes because it’s using a special character (%). The text value doesn’t. Err on the side of using quotes if you’re not sure if they’re needed.

If we were to just do Global.read_config("tinker", "example"), we would get a hash: { color: "%xb", text: "Blue"}.

The Config Reader provides a shortcut to get a particular value out of a hash.

  Global.read_config("tinker", "example", "color")
  Global.read_config("tinker", "example", "text")

The hash version does error-checking automatically and will return nil if the section, hash or value isn’t found.