The Scenic Route

The last blog post declared “full steam ahead” towards the public beta launch of Ares. And while things are still chugging along nicely, I ended up taking… a little detour. Off the deep end, maybe.

In part I credit (blame) Sparks for my madness. She shared a screenshot of how she’d created a web interface for the BBS system on Evennia. I said: “Huh. I guess I could do that for Ares too.” So I did. Then. “Well, I could probably do mail too I guess.” So I did. “And maybe I could just add this one other thing…” and it just went from there.

So the Ares web portal now has… kind of a lot on it besides just the admin screens. Auto-logged scenes. Customizable character pages. Combat management. A locations directory, and more.

The web portal has a tight integration with the game. There’s no need to update your character’s wiki page when you get promoted or have a birthday, because it draws the data directly from the game itself. You can also edit some of the fields through the web portal too (shown here.)

The gang at BSGU have been super helpful in testing things out and finding my bugs, so the web portal has been evolving nicely. Once it’s shipshape, we’ll be back on track. Assuming, you know, I don’t decide to add some other huge new feature next week. You never know.