Understanding Game Ports

Whereas the old MUSH servers you might be used to have only one port (mush.somewhere.com port 4201) Ares actually uses several. You can use any port that isn’t already in use. Ports greater than 1024 are typically open, but it will depend on your specific server configuration.

Port Default Description
Telnet 4201 How players connect using a MU client, same as Penn/Tiny/Rhost.
Web Portal 80 How players connect using a web browser. 80 is the default HTTP port, so players can just use your hostname directly (like http://yourmush.com). If you use a custom port, everyone will need to specify it in the web browser (like http://yourmush.com:8081), and players may have trouble accessing the web portal through work/school firewalls.
Websocket 4202 Behind-the-scenes port for live updates between the game and web portal.
Engine API 4203 Behind-the-scenes port for requests from the web portal to the game.

This article is part of the Installing AresMUSH tutorial.