Getting a Host Name

Host names are optional - you can always connect to a game using its IP address. But it’s nice to have a host name (like so people can remember your game address more easily.

AresMUSH Domain

You can request a free AresMUSH sub-domain ( See Subdomain Terms of Service for details.

Custom Domain

You can also register a custom domain name ( for just a few dollars a year. There are many domain provider available. I like Namecheap personally, but any will work. Forbes has a list comparing some of the big ones.

Once you have a domain, you will need to create an “A Record” DNS entry and point it at the IP address of your droplet. The steps will vary depending on the domain provider. See Setting Up Domain Hosting With Namecheap for an example.

This article is part of the Installing AresMUSH tutorial.