MUSH 101 - Playing from a MUSH Client

This tutorial will walk you through how to connect to a game and use the basic commands necessary to communicate and play.

This is a video-based tutorial, so you can watch the video below or read the transcript.

You can visit the Ares demo game shown in the tutorial at port 7206.

Link to video

Command Reference

Here is a handy reference for the commands introduced in this tutorial:

help - Show game help topics. help <topic> - Read a topic

connect <name> <password> - Connect to a game. connect guest guest - Connect to a shared guest character.

channels - Lists channels. <channel alias> <message> - Talks on a channel (e.g. cha Hi!).

page <list of names>=<message> - Sends a private message.

ooc <message> - Sends an OOC aside to people in your room. emit <paragraph> - Sends text exactly as written to people in your room. :<phrase> - Sends text (with your character’s name tacked to the front) to people in your room.

Non-Ares games have different channel commands. Try help channels or help comsys to find out what they are.

This article is part of the MUSH 101 tutorial.