A New Breed of MUSH Server

Reviewing Character Applications

Whether you’re using FS3 or some other skills system, Ares comes with a generic character generation and approval system that can be done either on the web portal or in-game.


The Ares chargen system is not tied directly to FS3. The stages are configurable, and the FS3 web portal screens can be turned off by disabling the FS3 plugin. You can also disable the chargen plugin entirely if you don’t want approvals and just want people to go IC immediately without setting any stats.


Assuming you do use the default chargen application system, here’s the general workflow:

  • The player completes chargen and submits their character. This creates an approval job.
  • App staff reviews the character’s background and abilities.
  • App staff can either approve or reject the character. The approval job is automatically updated and either closed (if approved) or placed on hold (if rejected).
  • If rejected, the player makes the necessary revisions and then submits again. The approval job is re-opened and the process repeats as many times as necessary.

There’s a single approval job throughout the process, making it easier to keep track of the status and revisions, and to make it clear who’s handling a character.

All of this can be done either through the web portal or through in-game app commands.

App Review

A key feature that allows Ares chargen to remain generic is that characters are not prevented from doing things in chargen, they’re only warned about it on the app review screen.

For example, the game will not stop them from taking a skill too high or set a weird combination of faction/job, but it will warn them if they’ve done so. They can then tweak that or submit a justification for why they’ve done something unusual.

Admins see the same app review screen that the players do. If it’s all “green”/OK, then you know that the character has everything set within the allowable limits. If there are yellow warnings or red errors, you know that there is a potential issue with the character. You can even add your own custom checks with a little code, thus making app review a very quick and painless process.

After Approval

When a character is approved, they will get a message (that you configure) telling them their next steps. They will be allowed to go onstage to the IC areas, and will have access to the forums and other approved-only commands.