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Configuring FS3 Combat - Skills

To configure the FS3 Combat Skills:

  1. Go to the Web Portal’s Admin screen.
  2. Select ‘Setup’.
  3. Edit fs3skills_action.yml

The combat rules require you to determine which abilities are used for the following rolls:

  • composure_skill (default = Composure) - Used for knockout rolls and stress resistance.
  • recovery_skill (default = Brawn) - Used to determine if someone gets a bonus healing point during the daily healing roll.
  • treat_skill (default = Medicine) - Used for the treat commands to provide immediate assistance to injuries.
  • healing_skill (default = Medicine) - Used to determine how many patients a doctor can heal at once, and whether those people get a bonus healing point during the daily healing roll.
  • initiative_skill (default = Alertness) - Used to determine who goes first in a combat turn.
  • default_defense_skill (default = Reflexes) - Used for defense rolls outside of melee and vehicle combat. Melee combat uses the defender’s melee weapon skill, and vehicle combat uses their piloting skill. You can override this for a specific combatant type. See Combatant Types Config.
  • strength_skill (default = Brawn) - Used for augmenting melee weapon damage.

Tip: Although they’re named “skills”, you can use attributes instead. Most of them are skill-based, but things like strength and recovery don’t really have any skill involved so they use raw attributes. Just be aware that if they’re only rolling an attribute they’ve got fewer dice.