A New Breed of MUSH Server


Ansi formatting and substitutions like %r/%b are handled by the emit methods automatically, but there are a few other formatters that can be used in commands.

Pose Formatter

Given some text and the enactor’s name, the PoseFormatter class will format the text in the same way that a pose would.

"Hello.  -->  Faraday says, "Hello.""
:waves.  -->  Faraday waves.

Time Formatter

Given a duration (in seconds), the TimeFormatter class will turn it into the familiar MUSH duration string like 2d or 5m.


When you have a big list of items, the Paginator helper class makes it easy to display it one page at a time.

You can use the Paginator.paginate method to figure out which objects (if any) would be on the requested page.

    paginator = Paginator.paginate(full_list,, items_per_page)

Tip: Remember that the Ares Command Format has a built-in way for the user to request multiple pages. The page number appears after the command root but before the switch. For example: actors2 or jobs2/new.

You can then call methods like:

  • paginator.out_of_bounds - Tells if the requested page was valid.
  • paginator.page_items - The list of items on the current page.
  • paginator.page_footer - The standard footer in the form “page x of y”.