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Submitting Contributions

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The Ares Extras repository in GitHub contains various things that are not part of the main Ares release. This article tells you how to contribute your own extras.

Extras may include:

  • Complete stand-alone Plugins.
  • Snippets of code and/or other files to show somebody how to implement something.
  • Theme styles or configuration settings (e.g. a medieval FS3 setup).
  • Basically anything else you think might be useful to the Ares community.

Submitting Extras

There are two ways to make a submission.

  1. Send the files directly.
  2. Fork the Ares Extras repository and submit a GitHub Pull Request.

Some guidelines for the code itself:

  • Include a file with an overview of the extra and what configuration options are available.
  • Make your code clean and readable. Basically, if nobody can make heads or tails of your code, it won’t make the cut.

All extras must be submitted under the AresMUSH code license.

If you have any questions, just ask for help.

Submitting Plugins

Many extras will be entire plugins. In order to be compatible with the automated plugin install, the plugin must follow a particular folder structure.

The folder structure for a plugin includes:

  • A plugin folder containing files organized into sub-folders matching the Plugin Folder Conventions (help, locales, etc.)
  • A webportal folder containing files organized into sub-folders matching the web portal’s app folder (templates, components, etc.)
  • A game folder containing files organized into sub-folders matching the aresmush game folder (config, text, etc.)
  • The installer ignores any other folders, so you can use them for examples, documentation, or whatever you want.

For example:

Submitting Patches

Coders may also submit patches to the main Ares codebase for bugfixes and/or new features. However, be advised that Faraday is pretty picky about what code goes into the main repository. Most new features are probably better off as extras.