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FS3 (Faraday’s Simple Skill System) is RPG system designed for MUSHes. FS3 is:

  • Fast and Easy - FS3 takes a simple approach to abilities and highlights skills that are relevant to gameplay. The goal is to get you through Chargen and reviewed as fast as possible.

  • Roleplay-Friendly - FS3 has a lightweight conflict resolution and combat system that leaves a lot open to player interpretation. This frees you to focus on the story, not the dice.

FS3 and Ares

FS3 comes standard in AresMUSH, implemented in the FS3Skills and FS3Combat plugins.

Player Guides

Third Edition is the current version of FS3. You can view its documentation on the web.

Prior Editions

Documents for earlier editions are archived here.

The FS3 system is copyright 2007 by Linda Naughton (aka Faraday).

Creative Commons License

The FS3 System by Linda Naughton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.